A few guests may skip your cake and miss your first dance, but every attendee will open your invitation
— Martha Stewart

SAPNA Toronto takes the liberty of meeting professionals who posses multiple forms of creativity.  This professional is definitely not a stranger to creativity and has turned her thoughts into magnificent creations.  Meet Puja Malhotra, an entrepreneur and event enthusiast that puts family first. 

In her early years, Puja applied to Fashion Communications at Ryerson University with dreams of becoming a buyer since it was a career that seemed exhilarating to her. When pursuing the program, she realized buying wasn’t her forte, so she started to search for her passion. Throughout her journey, she excelled in illustration classes, and decided to major in graphic design through the fashion communications program.  Puja’s entrepreneurial aspirations stemmed from her parent’s anniversary party when she took responsibility for planning it.  Throughout the process, she could not find any event stationary that represents her parents, and while being a graphic designer, she decided to make the materials herself.  When designing the stationary, she found herself getting carried away and ended up branding the event due to a lack of modern and chic designs in today’s world.  After such a creation, Vibrance Designs was born.

The purpose behind Vibrance Designs is to enhance the guest experience regardless of what the event is.  Since there is so much focus on the ones hosting the event, it is just as important to ensure guests leave the event satisfied and knowing they had a wonderful time.  Puja stresses that the invitation sets the tone, Vibrance Designs ensures guests will know exactly what to expect once they see the event envelope.

Puja’s first encounter with experimentation was what inspired her to push the envelope Vibrance Designs.  Her passion is fueled in this venture, and she feels strongly about an event having an identity.  Puja mentioned that she will go the extra mile, regardless of how whacky and creative the idea is.  Most recently Puja had a project where she was requested to paint a canvas of over 350 leaves…she did not hesitate in making it happen.

Puja and Vibrance Designs definitely have a bright future ahead.  She is seeking tremendous growth for such a creative venture with the hopes of branching out to different countries.  For starters, she managed to cater to international clients with her partnership with Etsy.  Such received inquiries from such countries as The Unites States, England, and New Zealand.  This strengthened her goals in expanding her international presence.

When discussing her role models, Puja looks up to her parents with tremendous love and respect.  Her parents came to Canada with a strong ambition which allowed them to forge tremendous success while giving their children a prosperous life.  She also has a strong regard for Beyonce Knowles who is a personal brand, entrepreneur, and feminist whom is not afraid to show her true colours.

To learn more about Puja Malhotra and Vibrance Designs, please visit www.vibrancedesigns.com.